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Attendees will receive an annual update on the Payments Canada Modernization initiatives and roadmap.

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Ryan Grundy, Lead, Industry Relations, Payments Canada, discusses the latest updates on payments modernization from Payments Canada.

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Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is the first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain. The inaugural BRG conference will be April 24 & 25, 2019, in Toronto, the city at the core of the revolution. Co-hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank, and MCI Group, the world’s largest event management company, Blockchain Revolution Global will educate, inspire and prepare leaders to be part of the revolutionary transformation that blockchain technology is bringing to business, government and society.

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Website: blockchainrevolutionglobal.com

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In the modern world of payments, innovation and development are happening on a near daily basis. To learn about this progress and the future change necessary to evolve within the payments industry, Payments Canada has partnered with the Rotman School of Management to introduce ‘The Business of Payments’ course.

‘The Business of Payments’ is an intensive 3-day residential program (+ networking evening) that allows participants to gain specialized insight into the payments marketplace. Through the direction of informed industry professionals, participants examine the forces that drive change in payments, such as the steady transition towards electronic payments, and a migration away from legacy payment methods.

The program will explore fundamental payments theories and concepts, trends in the Canadian payments landscape, as well as emerging payments technologies. It will also explore payments on a more universal scale by examining international payments systems, and global trends and forces.

This course is designed for those who aspire to turn their payments knowledge into an industry advantage. The ideal candidate will have a basic understanding of payments systems, and a passion to broaden their understanding of payments as a whole. Upon completion of this course, participants will sit at a significant advantage, having knowledge of the most up-to-date methods and approaches to the payments ecosystem.

*In Partnership with Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and Payments Canada

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