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Welcome to Season 2 of The PayPod 

Welcome to The PayPod, Payments Canada’s multi-episode podcast on everything to do with Canada’s ambitious payments Modernization journey. 

Guiding our journey are the needs of Canadians, including consumers, financial institutions, businesses, start-ups, and governments. Hear Cyrielle Chiron, Head, Research and Strategic Foresight at Payments Canada and host of The PayPod, interview leading experts and respected thought leaders about the changing payments landscape, the needs of Canadians and how payments Modernization will deliver on them.

Now in its second season, The PayPod looks to pick up right where we left off from Season 1 with new topics, new questions and new voices to debate the answers and discuss the challenges of today. 

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The PayPod: Episode 2 - How a global crisis is a playground for cybercrime

The digital environment of today is demonstrating the importance of protecting payments and securing transactions. With this, we are seeing a rise in cybercrime as fraudsters act quickly to take advantage of this shift -- everything from fake websites to phishing attacks to selling government cheques on the dark web. How can individuals stay protected as their whole life moves online? In this episode, host Cyrielle Chiron is joined by Alex Frappier, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the CanCyber Foundation and Martin Kyle, Payments Canada’s Chief Information Security Officer, to explore current cyberspace issues and how to protect against this evolving playground of cybercrime. 


  • Martin Kyle, Chief Information Security Officer, Payments Canada
  • Alex Frappier, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Training, CanCyber 

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The PayPod: Episode 1 - 2020 Canadian Payment Trends

Canadians have consistently demanded more digital and modern payments options. So, what has changed in the face of a global pandemic? PayPod host Cyrielle Chiron is joined by Tracey Black, President and CEO of Payments Canada and David Chance, Chair of Payments Canada’s Stakeholder Advisory Council. Cyrielle and Tracey discuss the economic impact COVID-19 is having on payment trends -- from cash use to direct deposit demand and more. David shares his perspectives on changes in consumer behaviour and why merchants need to follow the trends, patterns and behaviours of consumers. 


  • Tracey Black, President and CEO, Payments Canada
  • David Chance, Vice President, Payments Strategy and Innovation at Fiserv & Chair of Payments Canada’s Stakeholder Advisory Council

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